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Kenny Noble Cortes


Borrowing from the Russian mystic, Grigori Rasputin, I came up with the name for the band, Rasputin's Din, after my cousin Eulalio and I visited a notorious biker hangout in Tampa called 'Rasputin's Den.' (Note: 'Lalio was a serious biker.) That name and the two songs recorded as Rasputin's Din captured the dark side of the 60s doom and gloom theme that at the time was in competition with the happy dance goofiness of so many pop bands including the Monkees, Stone Ponies, Cowsills, etc. I cobbled together a few bucks to print out records - less than a hundred. I think two copies have survived, haha! We recorded the songs at Jones Recording Studios in Houston for this Noble Records 45 rpm single sometime early in 1969. I had met Glenn Craig about a year earlier. Glenn's harmony vocals can be heard in the chorus, but you have to listen carefully for him. You can hear his lead acoustic at the very end when we feature our so psychedelic and dramatic ending. 'Lalio's haunting harmonica filled out the song nicely. 'Doomsday' is the original. The B side features John Sebastian's 'Coconut Grove.'


Music with a message





Kenny intros Stacy at Mission Hills Church, Littleton, CO



Stacy Cole is a remarkable artist exercising amazing control over her smooth as silk vocals.


Psalm 59:16


"But I will sing of your strength

In the morning I will sing of your love

For you are my fortress

my refuge in times of trouble"