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Looking Back On Yesterday

Kenny Noble and Eulalio Font
KNC and Glenn Craig


The title track, 'Looking Back On Yesterday', features Glenn Craig's harmony and lead acoustic guitar. as well as my trusty Yamaha FG-180 acoustic rhythm. Eulalio Font's soulful harmonica provides haunting depth. The song comes from a collection that I call 'The Soundville Sessions' - a group of songs recorded at Soundville Recording Studios, Houston, Texas in the late 60s and early 70s. Photo L-R: Robert, Glenn, Kenny. 'Lalio standing.


Music with a message





Kenny intros Stacy at Mission Hills Church, Littleton, CO



Stacy Cole is a remarkable artist exercising amazing control over her smooth as silk vocals.


Psalm 59:16


"But I will sing of your strength

In the morning I will sing of your love

For you are my fortress

my refuge in times of trouble"