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The Bride Groom Waits For Me

Jennifer Burnett, Stacy Cole
Kenny Noble


I wrote 'Bridegroom' in 2009 because God put it on my heart to compose a song about the relationship between Jesus and his bride, a song that would describe the passion he has for the church. Jennifer Burnett, who at the time was worship leader at Mile High Church in Denver, sings the lead vocal. She has an amazing range. Stacy Cole adds beautiful harmony. The strings and background choral voices are synthesized. I added acoustic guitar and Stacy's vocals at my home studio. 'Bridegroom' was mixed and mastered at Colorado Sound. Jennifer's lead vocal was also recorded at Colorado Sound. The main inspiration for 'Bridegroom's theme comes from the Gospel of John. Photo at left courtesy 




Music with a message





Kenny intros Stacy at Mission Hills Church, Littleton, CO



Stacy Cole is a remarkable artist exercising amazing control over her smooth as silk vocals.


Psalm 59:16


"But I will sing of your strength

In the morning I will sing of your love

For you are my fortress

my refuge in times of trouble"