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Worship takes many forms. Its underlying principle is willingly and passionately glorifying God in all things. Serving others in all of its forms, i.e. taking care of widows, orphans and refraining from the ways of the world. When the church assembles on the first day of the week, worship takes the form of singing to God, praising Him and listening to a message from His word. Worship is an attitude - a way of life.

 Little White Church, Morrison, Co

Kenny worships at the Lakewood church of Christ near Denver, Colorado with his lovely wife, Kay.


Music with a message





Kenny intros Stacy at Mission Hills Church, Littleton, CO



Stacy Cole is a remarkable artist exercising amazing control over her smooth as silk vocals.


Psalm 59:16


"But I will sing of your strength

In the morning I will sing of your love

For you are my fortress

my refuge in times of trouble"