The Role of Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

The primary roles of a personal injury lawyer are to educate you about your rights and options, counsel you through the entire claim and legal process, and help you make decisions and develop a strategy for maximizing your recovery in your motor vehicle accident case.

Austin motor vehicle accident lawyers do a lot more than bring cases to trial, though the lawyers at FFV are glad to take a case to trial when necessary and have secured outstanding jury verdicts in the past. But most motor vehicle accident cases are resolved with a settlement before trial, which helps avoid the risks and uncertainty that a trial can bring.

We will explain your options for seeking medical treatment and help you understand what kind of medical tests and documentation you need from your doctor. We can begin to formulate your case as soon as you see a doctor, and specifically tailor the best strategy for your case based on all facts and circumstances.

Our expert team of Austin personal injury specialists can also help you understand your rights when dealing with insurance providers, whether the other auto insurance carriers, your own automobile insurance provider or your health insurance. We will advise you on how to seek care that will not put you in financial duress, and evaluate the sources of recovery to make sure you are making the best choices possible for your medical treatment.

We’ll also ensure that the incident is thoroughly investigated, internally and with the proper authorities. Our team will help you capture evidence to support your case, obtaining records and data that may prove crucial to your claim. We will help you identify all of the parties involved, particularly as they pertain to insurance providers, cases involving commercial vehicles, or wrongful death claims.

There are several elements involved in building a case and seeing it to a conclusion. While not every case will go through all of these steps, this is the basic process for seeking compensation.

  • Investigation. When you contact a legal professional, he or she will first seek to understand the details surrounding your case. Your legal team will also reach out to medical professionals who may have treated you, insurance companies, police, witnesses, and any other involved parties on your behalf to help decide if you have a valid claim to compensation. If so, we’ll use these communications to capture evidence and begin building your case.
  • Demand Letter. After discussing the details of your case and learning the full extent of your short- and long-term harms and losses, your attorney will send a demand letter to the party or parties responsible, also known as the defendant(s). This letter details the particulars of the motor vehicle accident and the repercussions, including medical costs, lost wages, and other damages. It will explain what happened during the accident and why your attorney feels the other party is at fault, as well as cover the specifics of your injury or injuries.
  • Lawsuit. If the insurance company denies your claim or does not agree to pay the listed damages in full, your attorney may decide to file a formal petition. This document essentially begins the process of filing a lawsuit and is filed with the proper court. The petition is also usually sent to an insurance provider, commercial vehicle company, or another party responsible for contributing to the motor vehicle accident. Your petition lists your rights as an injured party and lays out what you are requesting for compensation. This petition is then served to the involved parties, who are named as defendants, triggering their responsibility to answer and make an appearance in the lawsuit.
  • Settlement. The majority of cases are resolved with a settlement outside of court — that is, an agreement by both parties to end the case, assuming certain obligations are met. Generally, the defendant(s) will agree to pay a certain amount of damages and, in exchange, the plaintiff agrees to drop the lawsuit. While settlement is usually a great outcome, there are a variety of factors that determine whether the settlement is appropriate, or whether the case should proceed to trial.
  • Trial. Very few personal injury claims ever make it this far. Court cases are very expensive, time-consuming, and risky since the personal injury claimant is asking a jury comprised of other members of the community to award them money as compensation for their injuries and losses. Many people choose to avoid these risks and settle the case for a guaranteed payment that is fair and reasonable. However, a very small portion of accidents will be brought to court by car accident trial lawyers. When that happens, a judge and jury will hear arguments from both the plaintiff and the defendant, and then agree to a verdict — either deciding that the defendant is liable and assigning damages or dismissing your case. In the event of a dismissed case, plaintiffs have the option of either appealing to a higher court or dropping the case.
The Role of Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers

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