Are You a Victim of a Dallas Motorcycle Accident?

We Protect the Rights of and Pursue Maximum Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Victims in Dallas

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, withinside the beyond decade, the quantity of registered bikes has doubled. People simply appear to like using bikes. Some discover it exhilarating even as others opt for them due to the fact bikes are actual cash savers in phrases of gasoline intake and maintenance.

However, motorcyclists frequently forget about the drawback of using bikes that’s that withinside the occasion of an twist of fate, they’re at a better hazard of maintaining deadly accidents than the ones in different vehicles. This is, of direction, motorcyclists have 0 safety while an twist of fate occurs, and are assured to hit the pavement on the very least.

Statistics display that:

In a crash, motorcyclists are five instances at a better hazard of accidents, and almost 37 instances much more likely to get killed.

Over a direction of one year, 463 human beings died in bike injuries which include 430 riders and 33 passengers.

Approximately 20% of all automobile injuries in Texas contain bikes.

Sixty percentage of all injuries that contain bikes aren’t the fault of motorcyclists.

The Texas Department of Transportation shows that were extra than 4,900 motorcyclists sustained serious accidents in 2019 alone. Since bikes are frequently related to risky behavior, the coverage business enterprise concerned in a bike twist of fate declare might also additionally appearance accountable riders for injuries. However, in lots of those cases, it`s any other motorist who’s liable for an twist of fate that concerned a bike.

Are You a Victim of a Dallas Motorcycle Accident?

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