Dog Bite Injuries and Liability

Dallas Dog Bite Injury Attorneys Help You Understand Your Rights

A 2020 puppy possession facts through AVMA found out that approximately 43.4% of Texas families personal a canine. While maximum puppies have a peaceful temperament, they are able to assault a own circle of relatives member, neighbor, friend, or passerby while irritated. Dog bites may be painful and terrifying, leaving sufferers with minor or intense accidents or maybe death.

Dog proprietors can be held accountable for the accidents a canine inflicts on others. Texas has strict legal guidelines that area the legal responsibility at the canine keeper or proprietor, who’s required to pay for the ache and suffering, clinic bills, misplaced wages, and more.

If you’re a canine chew sufferer, you may want an skilled attorney from Thompson Law to assert your deserved damages. We are a own circle of relatives-run organization pursuing justice for our customers in Texas. Feel unfastened to attain out to us these days for a unfastened and personal case review.

Effects of a Dog Bite

If a canine chew penetrates a sufferer`s pores and skin, germs can speedy get into the wound relying at the micro organism or germs in a canine`s canines. Even the slightest assault might also additionally result in long time consequences, as mentioned below:

Disfigurement and Scarring

In maximum cases, a canine chew inflicts everlasting scars or disfigurements. Even worse, it could purpose intense accidents that have an effect on your internal frame elements under the pores and skin. Children are the maximum affected; thus, puppies assault them in seen regions just like the face. Victims might also additionally require pores and skin grafting, surgeries, or stitches to lessen the quantity of disfigurements. Sadly, a number of the accidents is probably a everlasting reminder of the assault.

Psychological Effects

Dog chew sufferers additionally be afflicted by mental consequences which could closing for a full-size time. Post-trauma pressure disorder (PTSD) is one of the maximum common. Additionally, you could produce other signs and symptoms consisting of depression, fear, pressure, hassle sleeping, intense anxiety, and flashbacks.

Other sufferers can increase a phobia for puppies, specifically younger children. It might also additionally result in emotional distress, outbursts, nightmares, regressions, anxiety, and temper swings withinside the long time.


Whenever you’ve got got a canine chew, it’s miles critical to look a medical doctor immediately. The longer you wait, the better the probabilities of wound infections. Over time you could enjoy a number of those signs and symptoms:

Swelling across the wound


Pus from the wound

Pain for lengthy hours

At Thompson Law, we’ve treated numerous cases, and we do now no longer get hold of a dime till we win the case. Notably, we received thirteen out of the pinnacle a hundred settlements in Texas in 2019. We are to be had 24/7 to help you out; thus, experience unfastened to name us.

Who is Responsible for the Dog Bite Injuries?

Texas adheres to the one-chew rule. It method the puppy keeper or proprietor have to be responsible for any damage the animal inflicts on a sufferer. It is anticipated that the proprietor has a positive diploma of expertise that the puppy is vicious or dangerous. For instance, a prudent, accountable man or woman might now no longer permit their canine to stray right into a children`s playground.

Further, the injured celebration can get better reimbursement for the accidents if the canine has ever bitten any other man or woman before. If each of those situations hold, the sufferer could have a legitimate case in opposition to the accountable celebration.

Dog Bite Injuries and Liability

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