Best Auto Accident Lawyers in Chicago (See Full List)

Are you a resident of Chicago? Have you or your loved ones been involved in an auto accident? Do you need the best auto accident lawyer in Chicago to represent your case? You might belong to any of these categories or categories not listed, however, you will be getting the full list of best auto accident lawyers In Chicago. This will bring an end to your stressful search.

The best suit accident Lawyer in Chicago is needed because irrespective of how minor or major an accident is, you need a proper representation and this can only be done by the best auto accident lawyer in Chicago.

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Best 25 Auto Accidents Lawyer in Chicago

  • Bruce Pfaff,
  • Mark Schneid,
  • Brian Murphy,
  • John J. Malm,
  • Jeremy Geller,
  • Jeffrey J. Kroll,
  • Philip A. Barack.,
  • John Popelka,
  • Jason Kellerman,
  • Phillip Berenz,
  • David Wise,
  • Stephen Lane,
  • Donald A. Shapiro,
  • Rachel E. Legorreta,
  • Lawrence R. Kream,
  • Michael Ditore,
  • Lisa M. Ciharan,
  • Joseph B. Ori,
  • Jade Carpenter,
  • Steven Janezic,
  • Matthew Sims,
  • Gregg E. Strellis,
  • Michael K. Demetrio,
  • Todd A. Heller,
  • Michael Kopsick,
  • R. Mark Maritote,
  • James E. Coogan,
  • Adria East Mossing,
  • Andrew Kryder,
  • Bradley N. Pollock,
  • Albert J. Salvi,
  • Gbenga Longe,
  • Brandon M. Djonlich,
  • Francis Patrick Murphy,
  • George J. Jasinski,
  • Richard I. Levin,
  • Kenneth H. Levinson.

Above are 25 Superlawyers that have been picked based on their expertise, experience, and reviews from clients and among their peers.

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Best 37 Auto Accident Lawyers in Chicago by Expertise

  • Staver Accident Injury Lawyers, P.C,
  • The Kryder Law Group, LLC,
  • Shammas Law Office,
  • Clifford Law Offices,
  • Abels & Annes, P.C.,
  • Blumenshine Law Group,
  • Boudreau & Nisivaco, LLC,
  • Budin Law Offices,
  • Coplan & Crane,
  • Duncan Law Group,
  • Elman Joseph Trial Lawyers,
  • GWC Injury Lawyers,
  • Harvey L. Walner & Associates, Ltd.,
  • Kramer Injury Law LLC,
  • Law Office of M. Andrew Hamilton, P.C.,
  • Law Office of Stephen L. Hoffman,
  • Levin & Perconti,
  • Lipkin & Apter,
  • Mark L. Karno & Associates, L.L.C.,
  • Phillips Law Offices,
  • Power Rogers, LLP,
  • Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers,
  • Saks, Robinson & Rittenberg, Ltd.,
  • Schwaner Injury Law,
  • Shapiro, Cohen and Basinger, Ltd,
  • Shea Law Group,
  • Shuman Legal Personal Injury Lawyers,
  • Sklare Law Group,
  • Stein & Shulman LLC,
  • The Horwitz Law Group,
  • The Illinois Hammer,
  • The Lamber-Goodnow Injury Law Team,
  • The Law Offices of Lane & Lane, LLC,
  • TorkLaw,
  • Trapp & Geller,
  • VanDerGinst Law,
  • William S. Wojcik, LTD.

The 37 Top Lawyers above have been selected out of the 731 reviewed auto accident lawyers in Chicago. 453 we’re curated out of the 731, fortunately, only those 37 were picked as the best. They were picked for the following reasons;


They are consistently committed, approachable, communicable, and responsive to client needs.


They are qualified when it comes to boosting customers confidence. They are accredited, licensed, and awarded lawyers.

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They have records of extraordinary result-oriented service to clients.


They’ve mastery when it comes to delivering due to their years of experience and education.


You can trust them to provide you with a service with truthfulness, respect, and reliability.

How Much Do I Get For An Auto Accident Compensation?

An injured victim or family members of a fed victim are entire to settlements fit their loss, Although there is no fixed or specific amount to be received. However, there are factors responsible for what can be received as compensation. Some of the compensations you are entitled to include;

  • Medical expenditures,
  • Lost wages or earnings (in cases where the victim cannot return to work due to disability or disfigurement),
  • Property damage expenses (Car repairs or replacement),
  • Pain and suffering damages(Both future and present),
  • Burial expenses (In cases where the victim died), etc.

Advantages of Hiring the Best Auto Accident Attorney in Chicago

  • An Auto Accident Attorney in Chicago does all the paper and leg work,
  • Handle negotiation with insurance companies,
  • Represent you in court,
  • Give legal advice,
  • Collect evidence, reports, interview witnesses,
  • Help you get the best compensation you deserve,
  • Correctly estimate the cost of your damages, etc.

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Your search for the best auto accident in Chicago has been narrowed down to the Top best lawyers listed above. It should not be difficult for you to hire one.

If you are still confused, the only assignment left for you to do is to find names of lawyers that interest you in all of the above, use your google search to locate their profiles, you can as well use the legal directories.

However, by just punching in their names on your search engines, you will get their profiles. Read through, check for reviews, experience, background, reputation, etc.

Make a comparison, set up a meeting with the ones you have picked, give a detailed explanation of your case, and provide the necessary documents. Then let your guts guide you into picking your desired ones.

If you believe this blog post is the Saviour you have been looking for, kindly share with others who don’t know about this. Their burdens need to be lifted as well.

Best Auto Accident Lawyers in Chicago (See Full List)

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